Uterine septum resection

A septate uterus is a deformity of the uterus, which happens during fetal development before birth. A membrane called the septum divides the inner portion of uterus, at its middle. This dividing septum is a fibrous and muscular band of tissue that can be thick or thin.

Women with a septate uterus are at increased risk of miscarriage. It’s not completely clear why this occurs. A common theory is that the septum cannot provide the proper support needed for a healthy pregnancy. The septum may also interfere with pregnancy in a variety of other ways. The condition can be treated with surgery which has shown to significantly improve outcomes.

It’s possible for a septate uterus to be misdiagnosed as a bicornuate uterus. A bicornuate uterus is one that is heart shaped. In this condition, the top portion of the uterus, or fundus, dips in towards the midline of the uterus. This dip can range from shallow to deep.